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Hello fellow Soul Travelers!


My name is Jacqueline Sevenstar and I am so honored you've landed here at Sevenstar Tarot. 15 years ago, I began my journey of learning Tarot and have never stopped learning. Over the years, I have advanced my studies in Mysticism, Occult, Qabbalah and Esoteric Knowledge. I also use my natural-born Seer and Oracle gifts to open the Akashic Records to get direct information about your soul, relationships and many lifetimes. I also channel direct messages straight from Source, Aspects (God/Goddess) of the ALL, and Ancestors. I am a Practicing Witch. The Sacred and Esoteric Alchemist. I dedicate my life to being a vessel for Light to pass through and walk this path daily. It is my Truth.​

You may have followed me from my previous spiritually-based businesses and I welcome you back! I began my journey in 2012 as Queen of Cups Tarot and as I developed more of my Psychic Mediumship gifts I then expanded to Austin Texas Medium in 2015. As my Soul evolved even further, my offering then morphed into Jacqueline Sevenstar where I offered Soul Blueprint/Mapping, Classes and Group Events. It was around this time that I went on a personal journey to align to my HIGHEST expression as a Soul and I took a year off to go DEEP and discover my true desires. That is how I arrived at Sevenstar Tarot. I joyfully journeyed back to my roots and my love affair of Tarot. The simplicity of my offerings now allows me to have more time and energy to further my Esoteric studies and work on another project dear to my heart. 

I have treasured all my clients over the 12 years that I have been in business. Even though my offerings have simplified, you are still getting the highest quality of service. I am using all I have learned in this lifetime as a Mystic, Oracle and Guide. This is also not my first lifetime as a Messenger and Priestess. I pride myself on authenticity, compassion, understanding, honor and professionalism. On my landing page you will see the 3 pillars of intention I put for this offering: Clarity, Truth, and Wisdom. If these are things in which you Seek, then you've come to the right place.

If you've gotten this far, Welcome! I look forward to meeting you and I wholeheartedly believe we've been drawn together for a reason.​

Yours in the Mystery,

Jacqueline Sevenstar

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