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Hello fellow Travelers! I am so glad you're here. My name is Jacqueline Sevenstar and I have been practicing in the Spiritual and Psychic Arts for over a decade. You may know me from Austin Texas Medium and if you've followed me here, I am so honored you have come with me to the next level in my Soul Journey.


I have been on a personal journey of transformation to align with my Higher Self and my Sacred Calling. As all Soul Travelers know, it's an intense, but rewarding journey. I feel like I've trained my whole life to offer these services and energy integrations for you and my goal is to help you have a smoother, more informed and empowered journey.


Along my soul path, I have picked up some powerful tools to help you hone in on your 5D Cosmic Soul Blueprint here on Earth and help you navigate your present obstacles/challenges. I hope you will feel the time, commitment, quality and HEART that I put into these offerings. 


So, my question for YOU is...


Are you ready to go ALL IN on your Soul's Essence? Are you ready to initiate launch sequence and blast off? Stop saying YES to the things you hate? Ready to align with your Higher Self and Sacred Calling? Let me be your Soul Traveler guide and provide you with the knowledge and tools to get in your highest timeline and alignment.


I cannot wait for our Souls to meet!

-Jacqueline Sevenstar

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